Here are a few of my non-research projects:

  • Slimbox: A cross-platform tool for easily downloading attachments within your GMail/Inbox emails to your computer, and optionally removing them from inbox.
  • the-matrix.js: Configurable JavaScript version of the Matrix system failure animation. Used for this website's landing page.
  • Results And Graphing Engine (RAGE): An open-source, OCaml framework for analysing the data collected, and displaying it as dynamic graphs on a webpage.
  • Pull Request Manager: An open-source, Python tool for continually checking and potentially merging GitHub pull requests.
  • RokClock: An open-source, cross-platform tool for tracking how much time you spend on specific projects.
  • cam-thesis: Started a LaTeX thesis template for Cambridge Ph.D. students, with Jean Everson Martina and Matej Urbas.

See also my research projects.